Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Monsters of Surf compilation

This compilation, spearheaded by the mighty Daikaiju, features the four groups from June's Stomp; the aforementioned Daikaiju, Kill, Baby...Kill!, The Mystery Men?, and El Fossil, as well as May's headliners The Mutations.

Here's part of an excellent review by my friend Noel from Surf Guitar 101:
"In a genre filled with great compilation albums of historic importance, and the best of current artists, this record stands firmly side-by-side with the very best. Monsters of Surf is an amazing, jaw-dropping record of music pushing at the contemporary edges of what it means to be surf music. This isn’t your father’s surf music, and I say that as someone who genuinely loves every note of music played and recorded by the founders of surf music, the artists who kept it alive and revived it, and the proponents of it today. This is that music on steroids, surfing hurricane-generated monster waves. This is powerful, extreme surf, head-banging, boundary-pushing, raucous, dangerous surf. I would never operate a motor vehicle listening to Monsters of Surf unless cruise control was firmly controlling the speed."

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