Wednesday, May 18, 2016

SEAWHORES release "Emilio Al Dente"

SEAWHORES live recording, "Emilio Al Dente", is now available on Bandcamp.

Here's what Hunter King from Storm Surge of Reverb has to say about "Emilio Al Dente":

SEAWHORES - Emilio Al Dente
This live set from SEAWHORES shows a pretty trashy-trad surf sound with a party-ready rock & roll edge. There's some cool saxamaphone in there in there too that gets buried in the lo-fi mix. There are, I think, eight originals on here and they're all well arranged and powerful. I'm a big believer that a lo-fi live recording will always trump a poorly done bedroom recording, but with a full range of well-developed songs like they have here, I wanna hear 'em with a studio treatment - so long as they don't lose that energy!

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