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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The AmpFibians release "Enigma of the Deep"

The AmpFibians "Enigma of the Deep" is now available on iTunes and CDBaby!

Here's what Hunter King from Storm Surge of Reverb has to say about the "Enigma of the Deep":

The AmpFibians - Enigma of the Deep

"The latest release from Cincinnati's AmpFibians is a big step forwards from their their previous album Surf Guitar Heard Round the World. Purely in terms of production it's much more, well, produced. It has that expansive effect-laden sound that brings out a Mermen vibe that I think was always trying to come out of this band. That especially comes out on the first track, but they have a bit more fun than the spacey Mermen typically do - getting pretty silly on "Wolf Whistle". Though it's a shame that it's only 7 songs, they cover a lot of ground, with some spaghetti western and jazzy songs as well as some good ol' surf rock. The AmpFibians really have bested themselves on this one, the songwriting is more memorable and focused than their last effort and it sounds so good you want to keep cranking it up."

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