Sunday, January 11, 2015

Southern Surf Stomp! presents Crazy Aces, El Capitan and the Band With No Name, Flat Cat, and The Fringe Factory DJs

Crazy Aces are an instrumental quartet from Nashville, TN who's been featured in Guitar Player and Vintage Guitar magazines and I believe are slated to perform this year's Surf Guitar 101 convention in Los Alamitos, CA.  The band is comprised of seasoned professional musicians who have performed on stages with some big name acts all over the world, and it really shows.  Not only are they top instrumentals but I believe their songwriting to be unparalleled in the modern times, and when they hit the stage they look as if they're having the best time ever.  I first saw them at Douglasville Surf Fest in 2013 and they seemed to come out of nowhere and completely floor everyone in attendance. They've released two absolutely phenomenal records, "Greatest Hits Volume 2" (their first) and "Surfadelic Spy-a-Go-Go", the latter along with the Barbwires' "Searider" make up my favorite instrumental records of the past decade.  Needless to say this show should NOT be missed!

El Capitan and the Band With No Name is one James Freeman and a revolving cast of outlaws that play a sort of aggressive spaghetti-western influenced surf.  The group has released a fantastic album, "Death of a Tiki" with great production complete with horn section and opened for the likes of Dick Dale and Reverend Horton Heat.  El Cap is quite the showman to boot, having destroyed quite a few guitars along the way.

This show will be a reunion of sorts for Atlanta's Flat Cat, which features Amy Arnold from Stomp alumni The Cherry Bomb.  Each member of the group shares songwriting as well as singing duties, culminating in a veritable power-pop stew.

We're also proud to have yet again The Fringe Factory DJs spinning the best rock 'n' roll from the past 60 years.  Please be sure to check out their radio show at 8pm Wednesdays on WFMU.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Southern Surf Stompcast, episode 5

Episode 5 features an interview with Artie Mondello of The Delusionaires, recorded on location at Mondello Manor.

The Surge! - "Escape From Siesta Key"
The Man From RavCon - "Spellbound"
Gold Dust Lounge - "Super E"
The Tempos - "Heartbeat"
The Reekers - "Don't Call Me Flyface"
The Carnations - "Scorpion"
The Delusionaires - "The Scrump"
The Delusionaires - "In Heaven"
The Sir Finks - "Weird Beard"
The Slackmates - "Rocket Racer"
Bobby Fuller Four - "King Of The Wheels"
Bobby Fuller Four - "The Lonely Dragster"
The Diamondheads - "The Hottie"
Steelism - "The Landlocked Surfer"
Shark Quest - "Sin The Moon"

Intro and outro music, "Southern Surf Syndicate Theme", provided by The Penetrators.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Highlights from Southern Surf Stomp! on December 13, 2014.

Caroline and the Ramblers (Danny Arana, Caroline Engel, Mike Z [not pictured], Joel Glogowski)

The Silent Knights (David Northrip, Eric Balint, Nick Bazemore, Sonny Harding [not shown], Chad Shivers, Matt Steadman)