Sunday, June 26, 2016

Southern Surf Stomp! presents Crazy Aces, The Flamethrowers, The One and Only Bill Davis

We're beyond thrilled to have Crazy Aces back at the Stomp!.  They'll be warming up for their big appearance at this year's Surf Guitar 101 convention in Torrance, CA and will also be bringing along their brand new ep!  Another act from Nashville, The One and Only Bill Davis, will also be making their return.  Athens' surf combo The Flamethrowers will be making what I believe to be their Atlanta debut.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Southern Surf Stompcast, episode 21

Episode 21 is part two of our spotlight on Texas surf and instrumentals.

Track list:
Holy Mountain Top Removers - "Pagoda Nods to Euphrates"
SEAWHORES - "Galaxifried"
The AmpFibians - "Enigma Of The Deep"
The Twisters - "Count Down 1-2-3"
The Rel Yea's - "Whirley Bird"
Rohny Lofton - "El Diablo"
The Sir Finks - "Action Reef"
The Plungers - "Spring Break"
Molly Maguires - "Tenderizer"
The Fat Man and Team Fat - "Space Jive"
The Gallows Drifters - "Blood Red Mountain"
Apache 65 - "Caballito Del Mar"
Death Valley - "Arnold's Wild Ride"
The Sandblasters - "Wave King"
Machete Western - "Saguaro Motel"
The Phantomatics - "The Good, The Bad, And The Mummy"
The Aquaholics - "El Nastito"
The Deadly Fathoms - "Outerspace Deathrace"
The Sandworms - "Cleaver The Clown"
The Neptones - "Sandstorm"
Soda Pop Spies - "Sting Ray"
Los Rauncheros - "Idol Hands"
Bert Wills - "Pavones Sunset"
Austin Transit Authority - "Elliot's Turbomachine"
The Really Rottens - "Starting Line"
The Avocados - "Wave Nugget"
The Frightened City - "Narco Squad"
The Gory Details - "Surf Sardonicus"

The Cornells - "Lone Star Stomp"
Holy Mountain Top Removers - "Dark Plumage Dans La Rue"
The Fat Man and Team Fat - "Esoteric Bulldozer"
The Fat Man and Team Fat - "In Front of Doc's"
Apache 65 - "Storyville"
The Sandworms - "Aztec Mummy Man"
The Frightened City - "Sputnik by Starlight"

Intro and outro music, "Southern Surf Syndicate Theme", provided by The Penetrators.