Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Diesel Smoke and Dangerous Curves

Not only does Julea Thomerson front the incredible group Julea and her Dear Johns, but she also hosts her own radio show, Diesel Smoke and Dangerous Curves, on WMLB AM 1690 here in Atlanta.

About the show (taken from "Diesel Smoke and Dangerous Curves brings you the weird, wild, and wonderful side of country western music, rock ‘n roll, rhythm & blues, and a little bit of soul. Hosted by Julea Thomerson, an avid record collector and leader of Julea and Her Dear Johns, spins hillbilly, classic country-western and rockabilly but don’t be surprised to hear some prewar Piedmont blues, vintage R&B, popcorn, northern soul, and some old fashioned rock ’n’ roll from the artists who never topped the charts but were all hits in our book."

You can hear past episodes by clicking the above links.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Video for The Mutations

Videos for Julea and her Dear Johns

Video for Bruce Joyner and Atomic Clock

Second annual Surfin' Saturday at Atlanta Food Truck Park

This excellent event, organized by Jamie Galatas of the Mystery Men? and sponsored by our very good friend The Surf King Surfwear, takes place before the next Stomp and features seven of the best surf groups the Southeast has to offer.  All ages are welcome at this free event, where you can sample eats from the finest food trucks in the city while sipping on your favorite beverage you brought from home.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Second Stomp featuring The Mutations (TN), Julea & Her Dear Johns, and Bruce Joyner and Atomic Clock

Don't expect a repeat of the first stomp, this show will serve as the after party to the Atlanta Food Truck Surf Fest and features all vocal groups.

Knoxville, Tennessee's The Mutations play primarily vocal surf evocative of the Beach Boys, albeit with more garage rock leanings.

Julea Thomerson is a hillbilly Siren with pipes for days and a vast knowledge of roots music.  If that weren't enough, her band the Dear Johns are comprised of "a cast of formidable players, all veterans of Atlanta's roots music scene" (James Kelly, Creative Loafing) and at the top of their game.

Bruce Joyner (best known for his work with 80's SoCal punk legends The Unknowns) and Atomic Clock play raucous psychedelic garage punk.

Photos from the first Southern Surf Stomp! on April 12, 2014

 The Monterreys before the Stomp, at Yaarab Shrine for Atlanta Rollergirls half time.
 Monterreys rhythm section with Leon Daniel on bass and Jason Dickey on Drums.
 Monterreys guitarist Johnny a boss!

 The Surge!
 Atomic Boogie
The Monterreys

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Southern Surf Stomp t-shirts

Southern Surf Stomp t-shirts will be available at our first show courtesy of The Surf King Surfwear and will be $15, with $7 going to the bands.