Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Video for The Disasternauts

Southern Surf Stomp! presents The Disasternauts (FL), The Fugitives, and The Wheelknockers

The Disasternauts (Tallahassee, FL) is THE "All-star Astro-Chimp Surf Band" that plays a wide variety of styles within the surf genre, doing so with speed, aggression, technical proficiency, and plenty of volume.  These hominids have performed all around the Southeast including The Hukilau (one of the world's largest Tiki events), Drive-Invasion, Bubbapalooza, and have even played out West during the Surf Guitar 101 convention.  Members for this particular show will include personnel from The Intoxicators and The Mystery Men?.

The Fugitives are relative newcomers to the Atlanta surf scene and too play loud, aggressive, and technical instro surf.  Playing covers ranging from Dick Dale to the Meters, they aim to please and get the audience shaking.

The Wheel Knockers offer up alt country tinged indie rock.  Band leader Jet Powers is no stranger to surf music however, having performed with the legendary Penetrators as well as El Capitan and the Scallywags.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Southern Surf Stompcast, episode 2

Our second episode features an interview with Gary Evans of the Intoxicators, and highlights surf music from Florida.

The Strychnines - "Gutbomb"
The Delusionaires - "Snakebite"
Blue Stingrays - "Green Sea"
Bongo King - "Salsa Safari"
The Gutter Queens - "22 Miles"
Haole Kats - "Chasing the Dragon"
The Intoxicators - "Phantom Mustang"
The Intoxicators - "Indira"
The Hodaddys - "A/A Feuler"
Legend of the Seagullmen - "The Deep-Sea Diver"
Cutback - "Conan the Surferian"
Tidal Wave - "Tidal Wave"
Shoot the Pier - "The Witches (of the Rock)"
The NovaRays - "The Dare"
Gold Dust Lounge - "Humble Hill"

Intro and outro music, "Southern Surf Syndicate Theme", provided by The Penetrators .

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Highlights from Southern Surf Stomp! on September 20, 2014

4th Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra

North Carolina's Arrows Out (from left to right: Noah, Sterling, Kevin)

Dual Gretsch action with Arrows Out's Michelle and Sterling

Bela watching over intently

MOONBASE's George Asimakos waiting to start

Sonny rolling up his sleeves

All video and images provided and edited by Jamie Galatas.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

MOONBASE "Creation Myths" out now!

MOONBASE's debut, "Creation Myths", is now available via their bandcamp site, where you can purchase the CD or even name your own price for a digital download.  Come celebrate with MOONBASE as they perform at the Southern Surf Stomp September 20th, 2014.