Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Southern Surf Stompcast, episode 11

Episode 11 features an interview with The Out Of Limits.

Track list:
Ouroboros Boys - "Spitfire"
The Plungers - "Hollie Days"
The Swiv-O-Matics - "Metallic Blue Bikini"
Clouseaux - "Destination : Oasis"
Biller & Horton - "Mood Music For A Tropical Depression"
Leanne Douglas - "Dreamtime"
The Carvers - "Soldier Of Love"
The Carvers - "Night Surf"
Luther Brandon & His All American Boys Orchestra - "Tuff-E-Nuff"
The Out Of Limits - "Groundswell"
The Out Of Limits - "Can O Worms"
The Surge! - "Sneak Attack"
Ten Penny Heroes - "Don't Walk...Run!"
The Sums - "Olde Flame"
Bongo King - "Buried Alive"
Man Or Astro-man? - "Television Fission"
Man Or Astro-man? - "Specify Gravity"
The Space Cossacks - "Solaris Stomp"
The Meters - "Ease Back"
The Neptones - "A Fistful Of Clams"
Straight 8s - "Ironsides"

The Plungers - "Adrift"
Biller & Horton - "Whispering Palms"
Impala - "Nothing More Than Murder"
The Surge! - "Tybee Island Sunset"
Bongo King - "Lonely At The Top"
The Space Cossacks - "Navajo Star"

Intro and outro music, "Southern Surf Syndicate Theme", provided by The Penetrators.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Video for The Out Of Limits

Southern Surf Stomp! presents The Out Of Limits, The Surge!, The Backyardbirds

The Out Of Limits hail from the far reaches of our solar system via Greenville, North Carolina.  The five piece outfit plays a sort of spaced theme surf a la Man or Astro-man? and while their demeanor may be a bit campy, rooted in schlocky sci-fi idioms, their music is anything but.  The songs are well written with interesting arrangements and have obviously required much thought.  Playing out their human roles, these gentlemen are also avid supporters of the surf and instrumental music scene, with a focus on our thriving Southern syndicate.

I hold a certain sense of pride that July's show will mark our sixteenth(!) Southern Surf Stomp and the first for a band to return.  It is truly a testament to the wealth of great music in this genre.  Of course I the band about which I write is Atlanta's own legends The Surge.  Armed with their signature great wall of amps along with a brand new release, the boys are sure to blow the roof off of Kavarna and once again educate the audience with how surf music is, and should be, done.

The Backyardbirds feature an all-star cast of Atlanta musicians including The Surge's Frank Mako.  They play the jangly sounds of the 1960's British invasion with stunning accuracy.

While on the subject of Atlanta all-stars and veterans, we will once again be joined by our resident DJs, The Fringe Factory, which will be spinning choice 45's from their vast collection.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Southern Surf Stompcast, episode 10

Episode 10 features an interview with Drew De Lutio of The Revomatics.

Track list:
The Avocados - "Not Dreamin"
Buddy & The Squids - "Shippin' Out"
King Pelican - "Matador Surfer"
The Mutations - "Island Home"
The Mutations - "Wonder What It's Like"
Rondo Hatton - "O.K. Boys, Let's Get Western"
Teisco Del Rey - "Los Surf"
Cigar Store Indians - "El Baile De La Cobra"
Chet Atkins - "Walk Don't Run"
The Revomatics - "Seven Ways From Sundown"
The Revomatics - "That Sand Is A Man!"
The Compartmentalizationalists - "Blurry Eyes"
Flat Duo Jets - "Southern Drums"
Famous Monsters - "The Reluctant Ghoul"
The Intoxicators! - "Mach Schnell Meine Kleine Buzzbomb"
The Slackmates - "Sutra Vortex Factor"
The Mag Seven - "This Being Milt"
Crispy Bess - "Ormondium"
Johnny And The Shamen - "Mr. Hide"
Servotron - "Theme For An Ultimate And Inevitable Victory"

The Mutations - "Once Upon A Time At The Beach"
Rondo Hatton - "Juliana"
Teisco Del Rey - "Teisco Redentor"
The Revomatics - "Toussaint Overture"
Flat Duo Jets - "California Luau"
Johnny And The Shamen - "Spy's Night Out"

Intro and outro music, "Southern Surf Syndicate Theme", provided by The Penetrators.