Sunday, November 8, 2015

Southern Surf Stompcast, episode 15

Episode 15 features an interview with Bruce Lamb of Rondo Hatton.

Track list:
Genki Genki Panic - "Soul Crusher"
Gemini 13 - "Tijuana Spygame"
The Baffles - "Braindead"
Agent Octopus - "Spacewalk"
The Madeira - "Farthest Shore"
The Madeira - "Down In Cadiz"
The Woggles - "Valleri"
The Jive-A-Tones - "Wild Bird"
The Tarantulas - "Bullrushes"
The Boss Jaguars! - "Rustbucket"
Rondo Hatton - "Riding The Coffin"
Rondo Hatton - "Saguaro"
Southern Ska Syndicate - "Take It Easy"
Bert Wills - "Big Wong"
Reverb Galaxy - "In The Shadows' Shadow"
The Reverburritos - "Martini Sunset"
The Man From RavCon - "The Passenger"
Kenosha Kid - "Vanishing Point"
The Sandblasters - "Submersionary"
The Doke Ohms - "La Luna De Miel"
Ruthie and the Wranglers - "Surftango"
Apache 65 - "Lazy-Eyed Stranger"

Rondo Hatton - "Tu Besitos (Acoustic)"
Rondo Hatton - "La Bikina (Acoustic)"
The Boss Jaguars! - "Dangerous Waves"
Southern Ska Syndicate - "Swing Easy"
Reverb Galaxy - "Blue Sunset" The Man From RavCon - "The Station"

Intro and outro music, "Southern Surf Syndicate Theme", provided by The Penetrators.

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