Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Crazy Aces release "Garageland" EP

Crazy Aces' "Garageland" is now available at CD Baby, iTunes, and streaming on Spotify.

Here's what Hunter King from Storm Surge of Reverb has to say about "Garageland".

Crazy Aces - Garageland
Crazy Aces have made a name in the surf world, but I think of them as more of a Ventures-styled band -- more twangy than drippy and focused primarily on melody. If you've enjoyed their previous records, I think you'll be all over "Scorpions", "Rudy's Revenge" and "Chop and Channel". It's hard to pick a favorite among them. Then they try their hand at spaghetti western with "Trail of the Mystery Men" which is much more cinematic sounding than I expect from them. They trade off a steady drum beat for for acoustic strumming, strings and background vocals. It's a much different sound for them, but they pull it off well.

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