Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Diesel Smoke and Dangerous Curves

Not only does Julea Thomerson front the incredible group Julea and her Dear Johns, but she also hosts her own radio show, Diesel Smoke and Dangerous Curves, on WMLB AM 1690 here in Atlanta.

About the show (taken from "Diesel Smoke and Dangerous Curves brings you the weird, wild, and wonderful side of country western music, rock ‘n roll, rhythm & blues, and a little bit of soul. Hosted by Julea Thomerson, an avid record collector and leader of Julea and Her Dear Johns, spins hillbilly, classic country-western and rockabilly but don’t be surprised to hear some prewar Piedmont blues, vintage R&B, popcorn, northern soul, and some old fashioned rock ’n’ roll from the artists who never topped the charts but were all hits in our book."

You can hear past episodes by clicking the above links.

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