Sunday, January 10, 2016

Southern Surf Stomp! presents The Beech Benders, The Blacktop Rockets, Gemini 13 (CD release!)

2015's StompFest (and Instro Summit) favorites The Beech Benders return from Nashville to join us for their first regular Stomp.  These guys put on a wildly fun and entertaining show, playing in styles that range from Stax worthy rhythm and blues to interesting covers to of course surf.

The Blacktop Rockets are a legendary Atlanta institution and this year marks 30 years since their inception.  They play classic rockabilly and roots music with a punk rock attitude.

Gemini 13 arise like a phoenix from the ashes having lost their rhythm section last year and yet come out swinging with brand new members and a brand new ep (their first) to boot!  It was uncertain how they'd fair with the lineup change until their comeback show after StompFest in September, where they were faster, louder, and more aggressive than ever.

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