Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Southern Surf Stomp! presents The Delusionaires (FL), Vacations, The Cherry Bomb, and The Fringe Factory DJs

The Delusionaires - Imagine yourself in a smoky lounge which time has forgotten and whose patrons have been there since anyone remembered.  An old jukebox is playing some old country or R&B tune to which an old couple dances, and a few men sit at a bar sipping their whiskeys and High Life's in silence.  A band sets up in the corner where no one seems to notice.  Soon they begin playing and folks begin filtering in as the night progresses and before you know it people are gyrating, debauch commences and the night blurs into the next day.  The band in question...The Delusionaires.  Equal parts raunchy surf and sleazy, sax driven R&B, the group provides the soundtrack to curvy, dancing go-go girls in pasties.

Athens, Georgia's Vacations are newcomers in the Southern surf scene.  The trio's style varies, ranging from gritty garage instrumentals to cinematic numbers that create a moody vibe.

The Cherry Bomb worships at the alter of Joan Jett as well as all things rock 'n' roll, and front-woman Amy Arnold is her prophet, channeling Jett with unmatched energy and power.  I first heard the band when The Mystery Men? played with them at Hollyfest 2014 and I was enamored, so much in fact that when it came to needing a voice for Kill, Baby...Kill!'s cover of The Causey Way's "Commandments" for their latest single, she was my first and only suggestion and boy did she deliver!

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